Omnivore Executive Search LLC


For most engagements, we benchmark a 90-day timeline from initial contact to an accepted offer. Many factors can expand or compress this timeline – including busy client calendars, client preferences (for example, many versus few candidate presentations) and the relative difficulty of the engagement. Our process:

I. Requirements Definition

We work closely with our client and, specifically, the hiring authority to learn the company and the role – culture, critical skills, talents, temperaments, etc. – in order to minimize the guesswork and maximize the odds that we will land a blue-chip performer who will help raise the bar.

We use this knowledge to conduct a surgical, intelligent search strategy in the interest of accuracy and efficiency. And it gives us instant credibility when we can confidently answer candidates’ questions with the authority of a true business partner. We do our best to avoid having to say, ‘Well, I don’t know the answer but I can certainly find out.’


II. Job Description

Using our notes and the job description provided by HR (if available), we will craft a ‘selling’ job description – one that will energize and add excitement to what is really an opportunity, not just a job. You want to attract ‘supremely qualified’ candidates and the first step is a great job description.

We take particular pride in this step – and we highlight company history, attributes, benefits of the location, etc…adding a bit of sizzle to make you stand-out!


III. Sourcing Candidates

Omnivore uses a variety of resources to identify those individuals who have a high probability of emerging as the winning candidate. Beginning with our expansive database and including trade/news publications, professional associations, social/professional networking sites, and paid job boards (where we mine résumés but almost never post jobs), we make a LOT of phone calls to find the right candidates who are respected by their peers and are reputed as impactful agents of change.

Referral recruiting requires persistence, patience and hard work…which is why a lot of firms don’t do it. After all, we are ultimately searching for candidates, not résumés.


IV. Evaluation

Omnivore will fully interview and evaluate candidates of interest to confirm their respective credentials and talents against the parameters of the job description. We will also evaluate personality and ‘intangibles’, matched against your company culture and the personalities of the individual to whom the candidate will report. Finally, we will evaluate and quantify the candidate’s motivation to make the change. It is critically important – in the interest of time and money – to separate the properly motivated candidates from the ‘window shoppers’.


V. Submittal (candidate ‘Presentations’)

Once we have confirmed the qualifications of a promising candidate, we will synthesize our notes on the individual into a candidate presentation. The depth and detail of these presentations depends on the nature of the search. But, in any case, it will almost undoubtedly be more than you are used to. We are NOT ‘paper hangers’.

In addition to the candidate’s résumé, we will offer a point-by-point comparison against the search parameters to clarify the match. In some cases we will provide narrative and bullet points. In others, we will provide a detailed Critical Skills & Experience Matrix (or CSEM) illuminating strengths and fit. We also offer refreshing candor concerning deficiencies or areas of relative weakness (after all, no candidate is perfect).

In the interest of efficiency, candidate presentations are normally submitted on a rolling basis, that is, as promising candidates are discovered. This facilitates tasks being done in parallel – interviews can begin as we uncover additional candidates.

We absolutely defer to our client, but we fundamentally subscribe to the ‘less is more’ philosophy when it comes to candidate presentations. Three to six is a good place to start – with the understanding that EACH one is technically qualified to do the job. What should be evaluated during your interview process, then, is personality/cultural fit and rank (vs. the other candidates in the pool.)


VI. Interviews

Omnivore will work tirelessly with HR and the interview team to accommodate both client and candidate schedules for the purpose of telephone and on-site interviews. We will confirm these interviews with all parties involved and share important contact information, directions, accommodations and special instructions.

If desired, we will even make and front the cost for hotel and airfare accommodations – passing these costs on to you with the final invoice.


VII. Reference checks for finalist candidate(s)

Using our questions, your questions or a combination thereof, we will contact a list of professional references – provided by the candidate. It is ultimately dependent on the type of position, but we normally try to identify:

1 – a Superior – manager or former manager;

2 – a Peer – someone that works or worked alongside the candidate in a similar capacity or job level;

3 – a Subordinate – someone that the candidate either manages presently or in the past; and/or

4 – a Customer contact – especially valuable for sales roles.

Our goal will be to confirm that the candidate’s depiction of his or her capabilities and accomplishments is accurate.


VIII. Negotiate Offer

We will offer our guidance and consult to assist in crafting a sufficient yet attractive compensation package for the winning candidate. Omnivore is delighted to assist in each stage of the negotiation, should negotiation become necessary.


IX. Follow-Up

2-2-2. We adhere to a ‘2-2-2’ follow-up schedule with our placed candidate, meaning that we check-in at 2 days, 2 weeks and 2 months to ensure that we have placed a happy, motivated employee and that everything is as expected.