Omnivore Executive Search LLC

about us

So why choose Omnivore?



We have a fundamental understanding of a Consumer Products enterprise, including supply chain, marketing strategy and distribution channels. Beginning with that foundation, we don’t stop asking questions until we understand your company, the business need, and the position parameters. Armed with this knowledge, we craft a targeted sourcing strategy to efficiently and expeditiously identify the best available candidates.


We are your ambassadors. Top-level candidates, the ‘athletes’ of the business world, need to be sold. If they DON’T need to be sold, that’s a red flag. Our ability to SELL your company and your opportunity to prospective ‘athletes’ is what sets us apart. It takes energy to sell with every phone call and e-mail – especially when most candidates either decline or turn out to be unqualified. That’s why most firms don’t sell as hard as we do.


We have very minimal ‘hands-off’ conflicts. In other words, we have a relatively small number of clients because we are a boutique firm. That minimizes the number of companies from which we cannot source because they are clients. The other benefit of working with a small firm is that your engagement consultant is your ‘go-to’ contact from beginning to end. We do not hand off the work to junior associates or sourcing professionals. And you can reach us anytime…our communication-heavy style will never leave you wondering where we are in the process or what we’re up to!


Nearly all of our business is repeat business…and we aim to keep it that way. The polar opposite of a ‘transactional’ vendor, the Omnivore sell is one of a RELATIONSHIP, a consultative and symbiotic series of interactions for the benefit of both of us. We boast a combined 50 years of executive search experience and we are delighted to share what we’ve learned about attracting and retaining human capital. In fact, many of our clients call us outside the framework of an engagement to ask our advice on issues ranging from compensation to organizational structure.  We’re in this for the long haul.


We have EXTREMELY high standards. We endeavor to find the BEST possible candidate for a job within a reasonable time-frame. Our candidates are fully vetted by the time our client peruses the submittal documents. We consider it a slap in the face if one of our submittals is NOT granted an interview and, quite frankly, it rarely happens.  Most importantly, we FILL OUR SEARCHES…99% of the time.