Omnivore Executive Search LLC

about us

Though we are known to diverge for engagements upon which we can be successful, Omnivore specializes in serving “widgets-to-Wal*Mart” manufacturers and distributors. In other words, manufacturers of consumer durables sold through Mass Retail as the primary distribution channel.


Specific Functional Expertise:

General Management


Marketing (including Brand, Product, Channel, Interactive)

Operations (Supply-Chain, Production, Distribution/Logistics)


Human Resources


Important Consumer Products Sectors include:

Sporting Goods

Household Electrics

Personal Care

Office Products


Pet Products

Lawn & Garden

Building Products/Materials

Home Décor



Power Sports (‘Gas & Oil’)



Omnivore is fundamentally a retained Executive Search Firm but has flexibility in the structure of individual fee agreements. Our goal is to provide ‘perceived value’ – so that not only do WE know that we are worth every penny, but that our clients wholeheartedly agree.