Omnivore Executive Search LLC

about us

Omnivore specializes in serving “widgets-to-Wal*Mart” manufacturers and distributors. In other words, manufacturers of consumer durables sold through Mass Retail, dot-com and on-line as primary distribution channels. Think products like toasters, tennis racquets, lawn mowers, toys, strollers or binoculars.  Though the majority of our business falls into this general category, we are certainly open to diverging for engagements upon which we can be successful. We have successfully executed searches in the electronics, healthcare, insurance, and packaging industries, to name a few.

Specific Functional Expertise:

General Management
Marketing (including Brand, Product, Channel, Interactive/Digital)
Operations (Supply-Chain, Production, Distribution/Logistics)
Human Resources

Important Consumer Products Sectors include:

Sporting Goods (both Bat & Ball and Hook & Bullet)
Household Electrics & Housewares
Personal Care
Office Products
Toys & Juvenile Products
Pet Products
Lawn & Garden
Building Products/Materials
Home Décor
Power Sports (Gas & Oil)


Omnivore is fundamentally a retained Executive Search Firm but has flexibility in the structure of individual fee agreements. Our goal is to provide unquestionable value – so that not only do WE know that we are worth every penny, but that our clients wholeheartedly agree.